What We Do

We help to catalyze community development through acquiring and rehabilitating properties in the Pittsburgh area. We acquire properties through private sale or through the Vacant Property Recovery Program. We really want to see current residents remain residents, so we work with local organizations who can help facilitate. Check out our process below for a more detailed explanation of how things work.


Connect with homeowners that may be interested in selling


Address the needs of all involved through open negotiation


Close on purchase of property – can offer CASH and close in less than 30 days


Rehabilitate property to high quality standard, if needed


Rent or sell the property, depending on the needs of the community will either 


Donate a portion back to the community

What are the benefits of selling directly, rather than through an agent?

Selling directly to a buyer like me is not for everyone, but we will take our time and figure out what’s best for our customers, even if what’s best is going the traditional route with in agent.

more experience

We are experienced investors who are customer-focused. We will accommodate your needs.

Less time

We can close in 10 days with an all cash offer. No finance contingency necessary.

More money

No need to pay an agent 6% commission or to pay for additional repairs.

less hastle

We buy properties in as-is condition. That means you won’t have to make any repairs.


We connect with homeowners through various means: letters, phone calls, real estate agents. We like to build relationships with homeowners because 1) that’s who we are and 2) it allows us to make sure we are giving the homeowners exactly what they need. If our initial conversation leads us to believe that we could work out an agreement, we schedule a time to see the property in person. We recognize that COVID-19 is a very real presence right now, and so if you would prefer that we did a virtual tour instead, we can arrange that as well.


If both parties think a deal could be beneficial to both, we discuss our options and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.


We are able to purchase homes from homeowners quickly and with cash, but we are also able to be flexible in the event the homeowner needs a bit more time to complete the purchase process. We keep all parties informed and abreast of every step of the purchase process.


After the purchase, we usually rehab the home, depending on the needs of the property. We rehab the homes in such a way that we would want to live there and we do our best


Depending on the needs of the community we either rent, sell, or lease-option the property once the rehab is complete.


A percentage of what we make is given back to the community in the form of a donation to a qualified non-profit that directly serves the community.